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Name: Radio Sputnik (RS) 10/11
NASA Catalog Number: 18129
Launched: June 23, 1987
Primary Spacecraft: COSMOS 1861 - Russian Navigation Satellite
Orbit: Polar LEO (Low Earth Orbit) - 1000 km altitude
Period: 105 Minutes
Modes: K, T, A, KT, KA
Beacons: 29.357 and 29.403 MHz


Linear Transponder: Status: Non-Operational

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RS10/11 rides piggyback on a primary spacecraft - the COSMOS series of navigation satellites. Each satellite has two radio amateur transponders onboard. Only one is switched on at a time.  For a number of technical reasons, command problems, interference and the like, they cannot be switched to other modes. So for the immediate future they will continue in their present configuration. RS-11 will remain switched off and in standby mode.

Both satellites have a 40 kHz wide linear transponder allowing for CW and SSB contacts. One unique feature of both these satellites is the ROBOT autotransponder. These autotransponders make it possible to carry on a CW telegraphy contact with the ROBOT computer carried on the spacecraft. Upon calling the satellite on the ROBOT uplink frequency, the computer will return with a short message and issue a QSO number.

For a more detailed description of these satellites, read John Magliacane's, KD2BD, Spotlight On: RS10/RS11 and RS12/RS13 originally published in The AMSAT Journal.

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