Satellite Summary

NASA Catalog Number: 20442
Callsign: Broadcast: LUSAT-11; BBS: LUSAT-12
Launched: January 22, 1990
Launch vehicle: Ariane 4
Launch location: Kourou, French Guiana
Weight: 13.76 kg.
Orbit: Sun-Synchronous near-Polar LEO (Low Earth Orbit)
Inclination: 98 degrees
Size: 226 x 226 x 223 mm
Period: 100.8 Minutes


Digital Transponder - Mode JD: Status: Semi-Operational


Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL, receives LO-19 CW telemetry with the program HamScope using only a soundcard. In the below link is a screen capture when Mineo copied LO-19 at 01:35:30 UTC on December 23, 2001 on 437.125 MHz (+/- Doppler).

This is the raw telemetry copied from LO-19:

e lusat hi hi 6o aun abn aun ad4 auv a6b a46 ae6
E LUSAT HI HI 60 129 179 129 184 123 167 146 156

This is the decoded telemetry according to

CH 1: +5 voltage 636/129=4.9 Volts
CH 2: +10 battery voltage 0.064*179=11.5 Volts
CH 3: CW transmitter temp 0.354*(134.7-129)=2.0 Deg.C
CH 4: Output power TX ((10.9+184)^2)/40.1=947 mW
CH 5: Box temperature #4 0.356*(136-123)=4.6 Deg.C
CH 6: +10 v current 0.7*167=117 mA
CH 7: +Z voltage panel 0.15*146=21.9 Volts
CH 8: +8.5 voltage 0.056*156=8.8 Volts


For a description of LO-19, read John Magliacane's, KD2BD, Spotlight On: The Microsats originally published in The AMSAT Journal.

Telemetry decoding programs are available from the AMSAT anonymous ftp server. Here is a listing of Microsat Programs.

Harold Price, NK6K, has compiled a history of the Microsat program, complete with photographs.


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