Satellite Summary

Name: DOVE-OSCAR 17 aka DOVE
NASA Catalog Number: 20440
Launched: January 22, 1990
Launch vehicle: Ariane 4
Launch location: Kourou, French Guiana
Weight: 12.92 kg.
Orbit: Sun-Synchronous near-Polar LEO (Low Earth Orbit)
Inclination: 98 degrees
Size: 226 x 226 x 223 mm
Period: 100.8 Minutes


Downlink: Status: Non-operational


DOVE was sponsored by AMSAT-Brazil and lead by Dr. Junior Torres DeCastro, PY2BJO. The primary mission of DOVE is to provide an easily receivable signal for educational institutions. Thus requiring simple equipment like a 2 meter handheld or scanner to receive DOVE's signal. Telemetry is in the familiar terrestrial 1200 baud AFSK AX.25 packet format requiring a common TNC to decode.

For a more detailed description of DO-17, read John Magliacane's, KD2BD, Spotlight On: The Microsats originally published in The AMSAT Journal.

Telemetry decoding programs are available from the AMSAT anonymous ftp server. Here is a listing of Microsat Programs.

Harold Price, NK6K, has compiled a history of the Microsat program, complete with photographs.

DOVE-17 Booklet in Italian thanks to 425DXNEWS, the Itallian Web Resources for DXERS since 1995.


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