Satellite Summary

Name: AMSAT-OSCAR 13 aka Phase 3C
NASA Catalog Number: 19216
Launched: June 15, 1988. Reentered December 5, 1996
Launch vehicle: Ariane-4
Launched piggyback with:
Launch location: Kourou, French Guiana
Weight: 92 kg plus 50 kg fuel
Orbit: High-altitude, elliptical, synchronous-transfer, Molniya
Inclination: 57.4
Period: 11 Hours, 27 Minutes
Size: 600 x 40 x 200 mm
Modes: B, S


Linear Transponders: Features: Status: Re-entered December 5, 1996


For a description of AO-13, read John Magliacane's, KD2BD, Spotlight On: AMSAT-OSCAR-13 originally published in The AMSAT Journal.


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